Our Company History

In 1939, E.C “Mule” Frazier began representing sporting goods manufacturers throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. He was the only salesman in what was a young and growing market. But even back then, 75 years ago, he gained a reputation for his knowledge, integrity, and hard work.

Those characteristics paid dividends with the growth by 1950 to five salesmen and coverage of states in the Midwest and Southeast. From 1945 to 1969, E.C Frazier & Associates, Inc. became a partnership with the addition of Frank Hiatt, Sr. who had been National Sales Manager of A.G. Spalding & Brothers. During that 15 year period, the firm grew to a 22 man sales force representing clients in 25 states.

In 1970, E.C Frazier & Associates was incorporated and continuted to function in 25 states until August of 1985, when it was reorganized and streamlined to a sales force of 16. With that reorganization came a targeting of the 20 states where the sales force could be most effective. A full time president was elected by the Board of Directors. Thus a commitment to preserving the family tradition of E.C. Frazier & Associates, Inc. that has for 75 years provided representation to some of the best manufacturers in the industry.
Headquartered in Waco, Texas, the Frazier organization has provided leadership in the industry from its beginning and continues its commitment to serving excellence.

What We Believe

For a firm to succeed over many years, it must have an anchor; a concept of what it is about and the needs it must serve. From the early days at E.C. Frazier & Associates, Inc. we have believed that integrity and hard work are two necessities in our industry. We feel we must stand far above our competitors in these two standard. Striving to excel in these areas has resulted in growth and the longevity of relationships with our clients. Our integrity has earned respect for Frazier industry wide and our hard work has brought us the loyalty of our clients and customers.

We believe that a manufacturer’s representative shoulve always be able to provide an adequate amount of time to those factories which it represents. In 1985, this belief led to the unusual move of reducing the total area covered by the firm and also reducing the number of factories which it represented. Our rapid growth conflicted with our ability to professionally serve and represent our client we only do so when we can continue to deliver the hard work and integrity that built our firm.

We believe that we have  one of the most knowledgable and experienced sales force in the country. Our entire sales team embraces this philosophy and that commitment has resulted in mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Our hard work, integrity, and knowledge could be put to work for you.

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